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  • KarenPipper
    2+ weeks old

    Commute time to Coca Cola From 53rd Drive. Looking for a furnished apartment near 53rd Av. I just received an offer from Coca Cola, wahooo! Is there a lot of traffic on the Long Island Expressway? I could look at apartments closer to Coke, but the area around it looked seedy. Considering there is a strip club right next to the Coke plant. The area seemed very industrial. Another option would be to look at housing near 64th Av around Hull Triangle (looks like a park?) Then I can avoid the Long Island Expressway.

    • MaspethMajor
      2+ weeks old

      Ah yea, there is a lot of traffic on the LI Expressway. Basically no matter where you live, if it's closer to the city, you are going to experience traffic. If you can avoid having to drive the LIE, I would do this at all costs. You are correct though, the area near the bottling plant is not an area I would want to rent in. You might even need to venture outside of Maspeth as that area is fairly industrialized in general.