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  • quare
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    Rents reasonable in Manhattan? Looking for an apartment close to NYC. Can someone tell me if the rents are reasonable in Manhattan. Do people share apartments?

    • Hi,

      Rents have always been on the higher price range in Manhattan, compared to the other 4 boroughs. And Yes, many new yorkers share apartments spaces to save on cost of rent.

    • Rents are at all time high this summer based on a very low vacancy rate. Landlords are well aware of this and are charging full market rate as a result. The value areas to live in Manhattan are still Upper Eastside and Washington Heights and Harlem. Sharing is a good way to cut down on monthly rent cost and is allowed in most apts.

    • Apartments are reasonable in Manhattan but that all depends on your definition of reasonable. What is your budget and what can you afford. That would be the optimal question to answer and where you live and how the apartment, neighborhood, transportation is, all depends on what you can afford. But there are reasonable places available at every price point, to a certain extinct.

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      What exactly do you mean by reasonable, that can mean anything? And yes it is common for people to share apartments

    • It depends where you are looking. The rents vary very drastically depending on what area of the city you are looking for. It also depends on several things such as if it is a long or short term rental. The rents are definitely higher than most places but if you do your homework and possibly find some roommates it can be very affordable.

    • People do share, your best bet is to find some of the sites that focus on that. Realistically, most people end up spending $1400 minimum per person for really prime areas of Manhattan.

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      Hi there,
      This is totally dependent on 3 major pillars:

      In no particular order. While there is a general market value that changes fluidly just like the stock market may, generally speaking there's no exact science to it. You could literally rent an apartment across the street & pay double or pay less.

      Yes people share all the time & there's plenty of websites for that however use caution!

    • It depends what your definition of "reasonable" is. If you have not lived here before, then you probably will not think rent prices are very reasonable. Feel free to call me to discuss various options at your convenience.

    • Rents in Manhattan are traditionally somewhat higher than other places. Remember though, they are worth it since you will be living in the Big Apple. Jobs are more plentiful and wages are also higher.

    • There are very reasonable rents in Manhattan in all areas. It really depends on what your price range & criteria are. There is always that great apartment for a steal!

    • Rents in Manhattan are the highest that they have ever been. Of course, that doesn't mean that this is not the best place in the world to live, because it is! Give me a call if you would like to talk more in depth about your apartment hunt. (646) 538-4351

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      Rents are the furthest thing from reasonable in Manhattan. People do share apartments, but even splitting rent down the middle won't get you anywhere near reasonable.

    • Right now rents are at an all time high in Manhattan. The average rent is overall is about $3400/month but you can find some good deals the further uptown you go. For example you can get a 1BR in Inwood for $1000/month. Yes people do share apartments.