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  • heygirlfren
    2+ weeks old

    What's So Great About Living in Manhasset? Seriously though, my girlfriends live here, they rave about the place, I visited twice and I am still trying to put my finger on what's so great about living here. Who here on the MaM boards lives here and would like to give me the low down? I tihnk my girls are just trying to convince me to move closer to them and might be a little bias.

    • Manhasset Manchild
      2+ weeks old

      They could just be trolling you. Consider it as an option. But there are many fantastic things about Manhasset! Here is your low down, sir:


      Super convenient NYC access, beaches, parks, trails, pools, and high-end premium shops! It's like Manhattan, but better, it's Manhasset! Seriously, check this place out if you don't believe me or my link. You'll love it.