Hows the commute to the city?

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  • GTLBaby
    2+ weeks old

    Hows the commute to the city? I'm moving to Jackson Heights and was wondering how to get to the city from Jackson Heights? I've lived in Jersey my whole life and know exactly how to do the Jersey route, but not the Queens route. Maybe I should have thought about that before I rented my place!

    • HeightsGuy
      2+ weeks old

      The commute to the city isn't terrible. From your new apartment, you are going to want to do the following:
      I-278 W which will take 10.3 mi, 18 mins
      from there hope on
      I-278 W and Williamsburg Bridge and drive for another 9.2 mi, 19 mins
      You will eventually come up to 495, hop on the highway and you have about another 10 more minutes to go.