Tenant wants to sublet his apartment

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  • couplaquestions
    2+ weeks old

    Tenant wants to sublet his apartment. My tenant wants to sublet the apartment I renting him in Inwood. I am not comfortable with this, yet I never put a clause in the lease stating this is not allowed. Am I required to let him sublet? Can I update the lease at this point and require him to sign it?

    • Maura J
      2+ weeks old

      Well why aren't you comfortable with it? It's practically the same thing except just a different person. You should tell the tenant that you will agree to it if you meet the person beforehand. That way you can get familiar with the new tenant before they start subletting. I don't think it's possible to revise the lease right now. If you meet the person and don't think it will be a good match, then I think you can veto it because it's your place. Actually, talk to the local housing authority about this, I bet they could help.