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  • FlushingQueensNotToilets
    2+ weeks old

    Flushing NY - Chinatown living. How many people here rent in Flushing, in particular: Chinatown? I know it's a huge area, and I love it. My question is how crazy is it at night? Will I be able to sleep with my windows open? Is their a lot of commotion with the restaurants, etc?

    • JHwang
      2+ weeks old

      Unless you speak some Asian dialect, the noise shouldn't both you anyways. Depending on what part you live in it may be noisy, but you will get used to it after a few weeks. If you dont know what they are saying than its just going to sound like random mumbo jumbo to you so you're just going to tune it out. I live near there for a few months and it never really bothered me. Sometimes during the day or on the weekend it was annoying because there are so many damn people, but I got used to it within a few weeks. Don't let it deter you from renting there, especially if you love it.