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  • utki
    2+ weeks old

    Any good areas in Brooklyn. Looking for an apartment for rent in Brooklyn. I would like to rely totally on public transportation and my feet. Does anyone have any idea where I should start my search? 

    • Plenty of great areas in Brooklyn that are close to transportation. Some of my favorites include Park Slope, Carroll Garden, WIlliamsburg, Bushwhick, and Bay Ridge just to name a few.

    • 2+ weeks old

      Most places in Brooklyn are great for public transportation. That question will be easier to answer if you know what budget you're working with and if you need to be in certain areas or certain subways etc.

    • Williamsburg is really great. Near everything social and entertaining. Also, near the L train and alternate G and J line. Minutes away from Midtown Manhattan

    • Start around anything that has multiple train lines. The A/C/B/D/F/N/Q/R/2/3/4/5 lines and such. For even cheaper rents, you will have to go out along the M line into Ridgewood and Middle Village.

    • Hi Utki,

      For an unbiased description of Brooklyn neighborhoods I would suggest checking out this webiste:
      It has some accurate descriptions of what each neighborhood has to offer and what they lack.

      Once you have decided which parts you like best, you can check out my company website to look at what apartments are available in those areas.
      Call me if there is anything you are interested in seeing.

      Good Luck

      Shayla Austin
      Rapid Realty NYC

    • SallyFromBK
      2+ weeks old

      What is your price range? What is considered "good" to you? Answer these two questions and we might be able to better help you.

    • Hi Utki,

      Where do you have to be able to commute to? What type of neighborhood are you looking for? What can you really afford to apply to rent each month? All of these are important questions in evaluating what will be the best neighborhood for your move.

      Also keep in mind that landlords will be looking for proof that you are making at least 40X the month rent, as an annual salary.