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  • BoogieDownBound
    2+ weeks old

    Where to Live, Where Not to Live. Greetings, in the next month or so I will be relocating to the Bronx. Having never lived anywhere in the city, I need some advice. Are their locations that I should and should not consider when renting an apartment? Some of the things I like, which may help are: Parks, Cleanliness, Low Crime and above all, easy access to and from other parts of the city.

    • Depending on your budget, you can a lot of wonderful places to live in the Bronx. You might want to look at Bedford Pk, Pelham PK, Van Cortlandt Pk, Moshula PK areas, they are nice quiet, and near open space. Also you can get the bus to the beach from any othese areas.

      And as quiet as it is kept, people in the Bronx like to live in clean, low crime areas and buildings too. The best advice is to keep an open mind. The citizens of the Bronx are working class people and want what you want.

    • BronxTale
      2+ weeks old

      If you're looking for low crime than I would stay away from the South Bronx. Riverdale is a pretty nice area in the Bronx, it's accessible either by train or by cab. Cab is a lot faster, but you can take the 1 or the A (which is an express train). There are a number of parks in Riverdale too, Riverdale Park and Van Cortlandt Park are the biggest.

    • Hi,
      I would suggest using this handy website to do the research for you:
      It keeps an accurate description of crimes in any neighborhood in NY. The first thing you may notice is that NY in general seems to have a high activity in crime. Please note the DATES on the activities as they range several years back to the present. Keep that in mind during your search. Streets can change drastically in a short period of time. ALSO, the less crime the higher the price for rentals and sales in the area.
      As for nearby parks and transportation, my company website gives a map with nearby parks and transportation on every listing. Check it out. www.rapidnyc.com/saustin

      Good Luck

      Shayla Austin
      Rapid Realty NYC