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    Safer Streets to Rent on in The BX. Bronx folk, where do I want to rent in the BX? Obviously right next door to some housing projects isn't ideal, even though I respect what they are going through, it's not not the type of environment I want to to subject my kids to, else I would just move to the projects. With this is mind, sections of the Bronx to avoid and to seek out.

    • Sorry that this is the most outstanding image of the Bronx you have. There aren't any safer Streets. You can be in the best neighborhood and get hurt for no reason. It's not about the projects anymore. You don't have to live in the projects or near one. The Bronx is not the same as it was 5,10 or even 15 years ago, yes there still are "projects" but areas such as Pelham, Throggs Neck, Morris Park, Country Club, and Van Courtland are the best areas. Not to mention the South Bronx...only one train station from Manhattan. It's one of the areas that is coming up in NYC.

    • Hi,
      I would suggest using this handy website to do the research for you:
      It keeps an accurate description of crimes in any neighborhood in NY. The first thing you may notice is that NY in general seems to have a high activity in crime. Please note the DATES on the activities as they range several years back to the present. Keep that in mind during your search. Neighborhoods can change drastically in a short period of time. ALSO, the less crime the higher the price for rentals and sales in the area.

      Good Luck

      Shayla Austin
      Rapid Realty NYC

    • I understand being a parent myself. Actually I was going to advertise a 3 Bedroom fabulous apartment in a private house in a really nice neighborhood in the Bronx for $1750.00 if you're interested. Let me know asap. Thanks.

      (And the truth is, the Bronx has a lot of good things. Like Brooklyn and the other outer boroughs have in common, is the citizens are working people, not rich people. Nothing to be afraid of.)