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  • CrasyKat
    2+ weeks old

    Questions about Wedgewood Apartments. This is my first time renting at a complex. I looked at an apartment at Wedgewood. I'm hoping to get some feed back from someone who lives there or who has lived there in the past. 
    1. Parking is there enough parking for guests?
    2. Are the walls sound proof
    3. Does the management fix problems fast?

    • andthen...
      2+ weeks old

      1. Yes, there is parking in the lot and on the street.
      2. They definitely aren't sound proof, but it's not like you can hear your neighbors talking. If they're playing really loud music, then you may be able to hear it.
      3. Not sure, I never lived here, but could answer the first two question because one of my friends used to live there.