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  • MadeInAstoria
    2+ weeks old

    TV Shows Set in Astoria. Having just moved to Astoria and only now becoming familiar with the area, I am being told my new neighborhood is home to some classic television and movie sets. Can someone give me a rundown of a few of these and where I might be able to find them? My mother, who only seems to watch TV is coming to visit, I am thinking in order to get her out of the house, I should make her a little tour of locations to visit.

    • MovieHome
      2+ weeks old

      There were a lot of shows filmed in Astoria, Seinfeld (37th Street between Ditmars Boulevard and 23rd Avenue), the Cosby Show (Kaufman Astoria Studios on 37th St.) just to name a few. Also, Godfellas and surprisingly, A Bronx Tale were filmed in Astoria. Check out Google, there are so many to list!!!