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  • vegas_baby_vegas
    2+ weeks old

    Actually living in Las Vegas? Apartments? I always thought LV was casinos and hotels, yet I see their are apartments in the Sin City. Anyone actually live here? It looks fun. Does it get old quick? Any good apartment communities you might suggest?

    • vivalasvegas
      2+ weeks old

      If you are young (under 26) and still single, then yes this is a great place to live. But, if you have a serious girlfriend, wife, or kids, this is not the place to rent. The nightlife can get old quick and sometimes it is hard to sleep at night, but you eventually get used to the noise and bright lights. I've grown to love it here, but I work in a casino so I am used to the late nights and sleeping during the day--my body has adjusted nicely. Write back on here and let me know what you are looking for in a rental or what you do for a living and I will be able to suggest some places.