fishing from Riverview Drive

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  • yookenj
    2+ weeks old

    Fishing from Riverview Drive. My apartment is off of Riverview Drive. Can I fish on Riverview drive? I just moved here and I'm dying to go fishing.

    • papaC
      2+ weeks old

      You can try, but I don't think there are any fish in the river, but I could be wrong. You might have better luck trying to find a neighbor that has a koi pond--they might let you fish there if you promise not to keep the fish. I would suggest driving to the ocean and fishing in the bay. You are more likely to find fish there and probably other people that are fishing there too. You might be able to meet some guys and get yourself onto a boat. the people down there are very nice so you could get lucky and maybe get some tips on the best places to fish that may be closer to you. Happy fishing and good luck.