How are Property Taxes?

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  • Nagnagnag
    2+ weeks old

    How are Property Taxes? We're moving to Teaneck from Idaho and we are debating on buying or renting. The deciding factor will be property taxes. Are property taxes high in Teaneck? I would much rather rent an apartment, especially since the economy is so bad. But my wife keeps nagging me that we should be buying a house, not renting.

    • ProtectYourTeaNeckinNJ
      2+ weeks old

      Wow, you just basically picked one of the most expensive places to live tax wise in the entire country. I think I read we are the fourth or fifth highest nationwide. I think you need to lay out your budget, do the numbers and then and only then can you make a decision on whether you can rent or buy. I will tell you this right now, if money is in fact an object, moving to Teaneck might not be a good idea. This city is wealthy as they get.