One bedrooms for 1400+!! Is this ...

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  • lacieb
    2+ weeks old

    One bedrooms for 1400+!! Is this really what I am looking at? I am in the process of renting my first pad. I am seeing the avg. rental price for a 1 bedroom is ~1400 per month. Is this correct? That's a mortgage in some places.

    • citylivin
      2+ weeks old

      Sadly, yes. If you click on the sort button on the list tab you can list the apartments from the cheapest to the most expensive. The further you broaden your search from Springfield, the cheaper the rent gets, especially as you move further away from NYC. That's why it's so expensive. If you want to be near the city that is the sacrifice you will have to make. If you don't care about living that close to the city you can broaden the range of your search and find places that are much further away from the city and will be cheaper. Just something to think about.