A room ~ 500$ near Rutger's?

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  • madku.rao
    2+ weeks old

    Can you help me find a room, including all utilities, for rent equal to or below $500?
    I would preferably like a place close to Rutgers University- New Brunswick Campus.

    • Tara Kay Graham
      2+ weeks old


      I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I can't find any listings for a one-bedroom for less than $700/month, and that's within a 15-mile radius of Rutgers.

      Your best bet would be to find a roommate or two to help manage the cost of rent. If you can each swing $600/month or so, there are a few 2-bedrooms in New Brunswick, like the Georgetown Apartments. If you're willing to live in Edison, NJ, there are 3-bedroom apartments, such as at Edison and Blueberry Village, that would cost you each about $630/month.

      The best option I see for you is a 4-bedroom in New Brunswick, very close to Rutgers. With 4-bedrooms, that means each of you would be paying $600/month, and you'd be renting the whole house. The location is Winthrop Road in Somerset, NJ, and the number is (908) 566-2756.

      I hope some of this has helped!