Loitering Outside my Apt Building

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  • grampshaha
    2+ weeks old

    Loitering Outside my Apt Building. I feel old saying this, but the kids are getting to me. They hang outside my building listening to their hippity hop, pants hanging down their asses causing ruckus and giving me a general feeling of not being safe in my own apartment. What's the deal with Paulsboro enforcing this? The cops don't seem to really care even though it's right there in the city codes, loitering by minors is not to be tolerated.

    • Bunsen66
      2+ weeks old

      Why do they make you feel unsafe? If you feel this way you should bring up the issue with the police. Maybe they ignore the loitering because they don't think it's bothering anyone. But if you feel unsafe and/or are annoyed, then it becomes an issue. I wouldn't recommend calling 911 as that's more for emergencies, but next time you see a cop tell him how you feel, or go down to the station if it's really bothering you. Hope that helps get rid of them and their hippity hop.