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  • ladynextdoor
    2+ weeks old

    Information for my senior citizen neighbor. Hello, I live in a duplex, the old lady who lives on the other side is a borderline shut in. She has no family from what I can tell, nobody visits and no car. I am not sure what her options are or if the city provides services for the elderly. I make excuses to knock on her door once a day to check in on her.

    • helpmygranny
      2+ weeks old

      That is very nice of you, you sound like a great person. I hate old people so I would never do something like this, but is very noble of you to care so much about this nice lady. I attached a link at the top of this comment that shiould help you out, but I just wanted to give you a little praise for what you do. Would you be willing to check up on my grandma too. I don't really like her and she lives in your town and I don't even live their. I was on this page looking for an apartment myself so I could be closer to her, but I would rather just pay you to bathe her daily, help her get dressed, and change her depends. If you're interested in the job, or if anyone else is, please comment on here again and I will get back to you. I pay well.