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  • reachhi3816327
    2+ weeks old

    We are looking for a 2 b/r apartment not too far from our daughter/family who lives in Marlton, NJ. My husband and I looked at Fox Meadow in Maple Shade, NJ online. We are quiet responsible people. We would like a fitness area, washer/dryer IN our place. What do you think the general population age is in Fox Meadow? We would prefer 1st floor.

    • Sandr@
      2+ weeks old

      I would guess the average age of Fox Meadow residents would be somewhat young. The demographics for Maple Shade, NJ indicate that about 30% of the population is under the age of 24, and more than 60% are under 44.

      The Fox Meadow website says they do have washer/dryers in the rentals, have 2 bedroom options on the first floor, etc. I am not a representative of Fox Meadow but perhaps you should give them a call and check out the availability on those first floor 2 bedroom units, and get on a waitlist if possible.

      The alternative are other apartments in the Maple Shade/Marlton area, such as the Brook View Apartments in Marlton, which have a gym, and 2 bedroom units with washer/dryers. Their number is (877) 814-4957.

      The Roberts Mill community in Maple Shade offers 2 bedroom townhouses, a fitness center, and has a w/d. Their number is 866-535-7807.

      Woodview at Marlton also has everything you're looking for. Their number is 866-694-1869.

      There are several more communities you may want to consider. Let me know if you need more ideas.