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  • iondent
    2+ weeks old

    Parking Situation. I want to move to Linden, but I have a car. What is the parking situation in Linden? What happens during a snow storm?

    • NJhousewfe
      2+ weeks old

      If you want an apartment with a parking spot you should go to advanced options and click the parking available button and then only apartments with parking will be shown. If the parking is located on the street, then you will have to check with the city standards about parking during a snow storm. In most places they will tow you if you don't move your car during certain hours or they will just plow around you, leaving you stuck when you actually try to go somewhere. If the apartment complex has a parking lot, they usually just plow around you and it is your responsibility to shovel the snow around your car if you were there when they plowed. This is what I have to do at my apartment and it usually isn't that bad, however if there is a huge storm I would suggest taking your car and parking it somewhere else, like in a parking garage or at a friends house.