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  • Chante Simon
    2+ weeks old

    Hello, I am looking for a studio or 1bedroom apartment to rent near the path train. My max price range is $500/month. A 1 bedroom apt. within the Marbella for $250 keeps popping up on every site I use. Is this really a 1bedroom apt for $250/month?

    • Chiara Lina
      2+ weeks old

      The apartment you're referring to is here at this link. On this page, it does say $250. However, when I looked for a homepage, and found their listings there, I discovered even the TINIEST studio is still $1820/month. Unfortunately, this $250/month appears to be a typo, or at the very least, completely inaccurate. My guess is that this is their PER NIGHT fee.

      In terms of apartments in Jersey City under $500/month, the only other listing I'm seeing right in JC is a room for rent for $500/month with a catch, that you'll have a male roommate. You can click this link if you're still interested.

      If I expand the search parameters, I find other per night fees, as opposed to monthly fees. A 1 bedroom in the Battery Park neighborhood of NYC is $270/a night, a room for rent in Manhattan is $250/a night, a room for rent in Chelsea is $441/a week.

      Unfortunately, your budget is simply too low to find your own 1 bedroom in this area of NJ/NY. You'll have to consider living with roommates, live further from the city, or see if you can get lucky on Craigslist.