Lead Paint and My Apartment. Help!

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  • miss_lead
    2+ weeks old

    Lead Paint and My Apartment. Help! My landlord has just informed me that those paint chips my kids like to snack on are full of LEAD and we will need to vacate the premises while they address the situation. I don't know what to do, where to turn or if I have any sort of help available to me. I am scared shitless.

    • Nate
      2+ weeks old

      Your kids snack on paint chips? That doesn't sound healthy. You should take them to the hospital right away, probably the emergency room. They could have lead poisoning and could be in danger. After you do that, reach out to a friend or family member in the area if you live near one, and see if you can stay with them. If that doesn't work I would recommend a hotel room. Keep in constant touch with your landlord to stay updated on the situation. Good luck.