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  • ShellyNew2NJ
    2+ weeks old

    Sports in Garfield. Ages 5-16. I have 2 kids, a boy aged 5 and a girl aged 16. Having just relocated to Garfield, NJ, I am looking to enroll them both into some sort of sports activity. Both do really well on teams, anyone know what's available?

    • Johnsmit
      2+ weeks old

      It really depends on the time of year. Right now Soccer season has just started. Martial arts is year round and is a great sport for kids. Your girl might like dance class. The best thing to do before you relocate to Garfield is to call the school and see what sports they have to offer. You would want to contact Garfield High for your 16 year old. For your 5 year old Garfield has several Elementary Schools, but you can contact the Garfield School District, they will be able to help you.