Pooch needs a manicure!

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  • MadameEdwin
    2+ weeks old

    Pooch needs a manicure! We just moved to Englewood from inside the city, what a disaster that was! And we realized there is no where for our poor little Edwin (toy poodle) to get his nails done! We completely forgot this during our rental search. Someone please help, this is an E.M.E.R.G.E.N.C.Y. Edwin does NOT like to have his nails not done!

    • PetFriendlyPost
      2+ weeks old

      Oh boy, this is an apartment rental discussion, and while I understand your plight, it might be best to keep topics that are non rental related off the board. With that said, a quick search brought up a handful of pet friendly groomers near Englewood, NJ. Mamas/Papas pet shop sounds right up your alley, it is located in Englewood too:).