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  • DonThink
    2+ weeks old

    Next to the police station. I just looked at an awesome apartment. The only problem is that it's next to the Emerson Police Station. Is this a bad idea? Should I be worried about criminals that close to my house?

    • AMW
      2+ weeks old

      I mean it might be something to think about. If there are criminal there, you could assume that they would be in cells, but that's also assuming that they remain in there cells. Criminal escape all the time, and this police station isn't that high tech, so criminals probably escape frequently. And, you know that once they escape they want money, a car, and possibly a hostage. If you are the closest one they find, they can and will take everything you own. The last thing you want is to be in the trunk of your own car and stuck in the middle of the desert or held hostage in some basement. You could also look at it another way and assume that nobody is going to commit crimes near the station because they will get caught, but I try not to be overly optimistic.