Permit for a bonfire?

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  • Chea6
    2+ weeks old

    Permit for a bonfire? I rent an apartment in Carteret. It's my responsibility to take care of the yard work, my landlord gives me a break on the rent.  A lot of branches fell in my yard. I would like to have a bonfire to burn them all. Do I need a permit for that? 

    • Harry.Leahy
      2+ weeks old

      I would either go to the fire department or call:
      Fire Department Headquarters 240 Roosevelt Avenue, Carteret, NJ 07008
      Phone: (732) 541-8000

      It usually isn't that hard to get a permit and if it is to burn branches it should be cheap. I would suggest inviting other people at the complex to come out and join you for the fire. It could be a nice way to build some community and a great way to get to know people. You guys could make s'mores and just enjoy each others company. I used to love when my friends or neighbors would invite me to a's always a great time to just hang out, meet new people, and enjoy some beers. Hope you pursue the idea and at least think about doing it.