Is Adventure Aquarium good?

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  • Ivanka
    2+ weeks old

    Is Adventure Aquarium good? My little sister is coming to stay at my apartment for a few weeks. I just moved here so I don't know much about the area. Is Adventure Aquarium any good? Any ideas of what I should do with her, she is 7 yrs old. 

    • Kenny Kadunpy
      2+ weeks old

      It really depends on whether you like fish or not. If you do, it's an excellent place to go, and I'm sure your little sister will thoroughly enjoy it. If you don't like fish, however, you're in for a rough time. My little brother watched an episode of The Simpsons where the characters find a three-eyed fish near a nuclear plant. He had chronic nightmares after that, and to this day cries whenever he sees a fish. He's 45 years old. I took him to see Finding Nemo without telling him the premise as a joke, and he simultaneously had a stroke and heart attack. He's okay though. Almost as bad was the hospital visit after that when his friend gave him a Red Lobster gift certificate. The horrors.... anyway, Adventure Aquarium is awesalm(on), enjoy!