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  • roberto.guevara.798
    2+ weeks old

    Is there an apartment for rent near Mt. Prospect Ave in Belleville?

    • Carly Shene
      2+ weeks old

      Hello Roberto,
      Most listings we have up in Belleville are actually pretty close to Mt.Prospect Ave. If you search Belleville, and adjust the range slide bar to within city, you will see the following listings, and here are their proximities to Mt.Prospect Ave.:

      --539 Joralemon Street: 1 mile (1bdrm, $1,100/mo, click to contact)

      --Liberty Apartments: <1 mile, no exact adress given (3bdrm, $1,425/mo, click to contact)

      --Rutgers Arms (new kit-we pay heat ad.): 0.7 mile (2bdrm, $1,295/mo,(973) 759-8537)

      --Belleview Gardens: around 1.5 miles, no exact address given (1&2 bdrms avail., $1,040+/mo, click to contact)
      --Frederick Building: around 1.5 miles, no exact adress given (1&2 bdrms avail.,$1,300+/mo., click to contact)

      Hopefully one of these will work for you. If not, feel free to submit another inquiry if there is any way we can assist you further.

      Good luck!
      Carly Shene