yes i need help im lookin for somthin ...

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  • zitodana
    2+ weeks old

    Yes, I need help. I am looking for something that takes dogs. 2 bedrooms, price of 800$ to 1000$. Hoping you accept TRA as well.

    • Carly Shene
      2+ weeks old


      I found two options that I think will suit you. There were none matching in Bayonne, but nearby I found:

      Heritage Village at Rosegate: In Rahway, $875/mo. 2 bdrm. (732)587-5711
      Creek Point Apartments: In Middletown, $990/mo. 2 bdrm. (888)244-4460

      I apologize for the delayed response. If neither of these work for you, resubmit and I will continue to work for you and respond in a more timely fashion.

      Carly Shene