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  • Route 101
    2+ weeks old

    Does Route 101 take you to Manchester? How far away is Concord from Raymond? I'm looking around small towns for cheaper rent but I don't want to be too far out in the woods. I prefer to be close to Manchester. I am concerned about when we start to get snow storms and what the back roads will be like.

    • MixedBag2755
      2+ weeks old

      I am a native of Raymond and travel to and through the town often. Rt. 101 goes through Manchester and also connects to I-93 north, which travels through Concord on its way to the White Mountains.

      Raymond to Manchester only takes about 15 minutes and to Concord, (101 west to 93 north), takes about 30 minutes. There is a toll on 93 in Hooksett, which costs $1.00, (less if using EZ Pass). It's is a good ride and is highway the entire way, (101 is 4 lane, limited access and 93 is at least 4 lanes, limited access). NH DOT is good about keeping the major highways, (like 101 and 93), clear in the winter and they generally pre-treat the roads prior to a storm to reduce icing on the pavement. Hope this helps!