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  • gaby olegna
    2+ weeks old

    I am looking to relocate to the Newfields, NH area, possibly before the summer ends. My range is $600-$700 with heat included. Am I crazy or does something exist? Thanks

    • Tierra2
      2+ weeks old

      Hi Gaby-

      Newfields is limited in its available housing. Since Newmarket is a bit bigger of a town, you will have more luck there. (Its 10 minutes away.)

      I haved lived in NH my entire life, and I will tell you already though that your price range is going to make it difficult to find housing. The cost of living here is more expensive, and an apartment in NH that goes for $800/month might be worth like $450/month in other parts of the country. However there is hope!

      For your price range, there are some studios available (not quite one bedrooms, I know) but like I said, your options are very limited. Here is one listing for a studio. And here is another. One is $625 a month, the other is $700 a month, and neither include heat, sorry.

      If you don't mind living in the college town of Durham, 20 minutes north, (I'm not kidding, COLLEGE TOWN!) you can find much more inexpensive housing, especially if you are willing to live with a college student. Actually, in any situation it is more inexpensive to split rent with roommates.

      So to sum it up, you aren't crazy! It really is just tough out there if you've got a tight budget.