is londonderry a nice place to live?

Londonderry, NH ApartmentsbreakCommunity Forumbreakis londonderry a nice place to live?

  • Monarchking
    2+ weeks old

    is londonderry a nice place to live? I work in Manchester but think the choice of housing is kind of sketchy, I've been looking in londonderry and it looks like a nice and quiet place to live. Any Londonderry residents out there that can concur this? the commute isn't terrible to Manchester is it?

    • LondonderryLove
      2+ weeks old

      First of all, Manchester is sketchy and gross. Great place to work, bad place to live. However, Londonderry is a great place to live and it's a very easy commute to Manchester. I don't live in londonderry, but I used to, and it's great. The people are nice, the school is good, the neighborhoods are nice and clean and overall the place is great.