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  • Bri
    2+ weeks old

    Is Hampton or Seabrook a nice area to live in year around or is it more of the summer vacation scene? The only time i've been around here is for the beach so to me this town consist of the strip. I got a job in Newburyport and want to find 2 bedroom close by but I prefer not to live in MA.

    • Hampton and Seabrook are primarily summer destinations. A lot of the businesses close for the season. But on the other hand it is really quiet during the winter months. You basically get the beach to yourself!

      • don976
        2+ weeks old

        I have a family member that lives in Seabrook area ( their in-laws own a business on route 1A in seabrook , and although yes in Hampton Beach about 99% of all businesses close down in the fall, a few non tourist shops do stay open all year round, due to People still do live there all year. In Seabrook ( about 5-10 miles in from Hampton Beach depending on where you are), there are Many restaurants & stores like ( Super) Walmart,and Market Basket and many others that are open,all year round, Another area to look just a stone throw away is Exeter ( it is only 4 miles from Hampton)