Commuting to Manchester from Goffstown

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  • Rifer8
    2+ weeks old

    Commuting to Manchester from Goffstown. I need to be close to Manchester for my new job. Can someone tell me if Goffstown is a good commuter town? I don't want to live in a city. I have young children. We need a large apartment and the prices seem reasonable here.

    • NHmtns
      2+ weeks old

      Goffstown is a little under 20 minutes away from Manchester and a little under 30 minutes away during heavy traffic. There aren't many accidents on the commute since you do not take any major highways to get to Manchester. The commute is very easy and it's nice that you don't have to take the highway to get there. Goffstown is definitely considered a suburban area and is a good place to raise kids. There are many nice neighborhoods and open spaces for your kids to play.