Is Fremont close to Dover?

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  • RyanWilson
    2+ weeks old

    Is Fremont close to Dover? I just interviewed at a job in downtown dover. I'm not a huge fan of living and working in the same town, just my personal preference. Is Fremont close to Dover? What other towns should I check out?

    • NHnative
      2+ weeks old

      It's about a 50 minute drive. I would look in Somersworth, Durham, Eliot, or Portsmouth. These are all nice areas that are close to Dover and would make your commute much easier. If you want to be more north, try Farmington or Rochester. Farmington is more rural and would be similar to Fremont. You could also just live in Dover; its a nice place and there is always stuff to do. Hope this helped, if you have more specific questions feel free to post them.