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  • NHbound
    2+ weeks old

    Concord or Manchester? which is better to live in? I heard Manchester and Concord have the city life for NH but in terms of living whcih one is better? I'm looking at prices, safety, Highway accessible, nightlife and entertainment. residents or landlords can reply on here. Thanks!

    • coastal4
      2+ weeks old

      Having lived near both and now living on the Seacoast, I would suggest moving to the Seacoast area. Being near the beach is the absolutely best and there is more stuff to do here even if it isn't the "city life". It's technically a city and there are more places, it isn't just one developed town like Manchester and Concord. However, if you're choosing between the two you should go with Concord. Since it is the capitol, there is more going on here than in Manchester and it's cleaner and safer. The prices for both are about the same, but depends where you look. If you're looking for highway accessibility to get to Boston, then Manchester is the better choice, but it all depends what you are looking for. feel free to post again if you come up with any more more specific questions.