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  • Rebecca Dixon
    2+ weeks old

    I am looking for a 1 bedroom apartment for my brother, who lives in New York at the present, but will be moving here in about 2-3 months, but can let me know when you have one available? First floor if poss.
    thank you, rebecca

    • TheWalkingDeb
      2+ weeks old

      Hey Rebecca. I'm using the MAM site to find 1-bedrooms in Leland - Right in Leland is HunterStone, where a 1 bedroom is 641 sq feet, and starts at $659/month. HunterStone is a 3-level building, so he'll have to inquire about first floor availability. Their number is (866)214-8545.

      The rest of the apartments I found are in Wilmington, if that's all right, and one bedrooms are between $525-885 a month, which is great! All of them are in either 2-3 story buildings, so again, he'll have to ask specifically about a first floor unit. Good luck to you both.