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  • AmberH
    2+ weeks old

    Charming townhome in Angier. I'm a senior at Campbell University and looking for a small house or town home for myself. My price range is around $550. I like the Angier area because its close to my school and a short drive to Raleigh

    • Fred
      2+ weeks old

      You won't find much in terms of housing/rentals in Angier. You will have much more success in Raleigh, Cary or even Gardner, all are within 10-15 minutes in a car. I just conducted a search myself, within 15 miles of Angier/CU, I am seeing a ton of 1 bedroom apartments under $600 per month. Have you given any thought to any of these communities? If you are dead set on living in Angier, you are going to have difficulty as there is literally nothing in terms of rentals on this site for that city at this point in time.