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  • Sadie
    2+ weeks old

    So I'm getting worried, I have to move to Springfield for a job and I'm hearing all these bad things about the town like high poverty and crimes, now economy growth, and run down buildings. Is this true today? the data I found was from 3 years ago, has this town improved or should I look elsewhere for a apartment?

    • leannmanderson
      2+ weeks old

      It really depends on what part of town you're in. I live in the southeast area of Springfield, and everything is really nice. Same with the southwest area. Basically, anything south of Division is beautiful. Our downtown area has recently been renovated. Yeah, you'll find a few punk kids, but they really watch themselves because of the high level of cops, since the state buildings are right there on the square.

      We actually have one of the lowest crime rates in the state. Poverty's not that visible south of Division. Even north of Division, though, once you get closer to Kansas Expressway or Glenstone, you have nicer areas. Same once you get closer to I-44.

      Keep in mind that Springfield is a diverse city. We're also close to Branson, which is filled with great entertainment, and hours away from Kansas City and St. Louis. Apartments can range from $350 to over $1,000/month, depending on the size, amenities, area of town, and whether or not they allow pets and, if they do, the size of pet they'll allow. Most apartments here won't allow exotics - cats and dogs only.

      You're going to find that the biggest rental companies here are TLC and Wooten. If you can afford to rent from TLC, you can pick out just about any of their properties and they're going to be gorgeous.

      You might also consider, if you feel you can afford the extra gas, living in one of the towns that border Springfield, such as Strafford, Willard, Nixa, Republic, or Ozark. Just stay away from Republic if you have kids. Their school system is horrid.

      I am a substitute teacher for the public and Catholic schools here, and I can tell you that you'll find a wide range of quality if you do have kids. We also have two other Christian schools as well as one secular private school called The Summit, which is extremely high quality. Some of the best elementary schools are Disney, Campbell, McGregor, and Cowden. I would put Jarett and Pershing at the top of the list of Middle schools. Pershing is also an elementary school, and very high in quality. As for high schools, I would recommend Kickapoo, Parkview, and HIllcrest, in that order.

      In the north central area, some of the buildings can be a little run down, but that's the poorer part of town. There's been a lot of growth, though, over the past few years.

      Something else that's important to keep in mind is that this IS a college town. Our crowning jewel is Missouri State University, but we have 3 universities, two Baptist colleges, one Assemblies of God seminary (their world headquarters are here), two beauty schools, a community college, and several two-year technical schools. As you can guess, our sleeping population drops drastically during the summer.

      However, we do get some top notch entertainment, a great symphany, orchestra, and ballet, and Broadway quality theater. There's a lot to like about Springfield, if you just keep an open mind.

    • New to Springfield
      2+ weeks old

      I was worried too having moved to Springfield from Blue Springs but it's great here! I pay $320 a month for a studio, clean, quiet, safe and everything but the electric & cable is included. I'm 7 minutes away from the Mall, WalMart etc. Should I need it, the bus runs right by my complex as well. Like Leann says, it depends on the part of town you're in.