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  • Dorry
    2+ weeks old

    Looking for an apartment in Liberty. I need a one bedroom that allows pets. I am a widow and am looking for a ground floor one bedroom in a safe area.

    • Tammy Hawk
      2+ weeks old

      Hello Dorry,

      I found some places I think might work for you.

      Jefferson Park Apartments: (866)833-8793. $475/mo. allows dogs of all sizes & cats, attendant at door.
      Skyline Drive Apartments: (816)781-7996. $499/mo. allows small dogs & cats.
      Crossroads Village: (816)781-7395. $495/mo. allows small dogs & cats.
      Wilshire Apartments: (866)557-7831. $520/mo. cats only.

      I recommend calling each of these to narrow down your search. If you search Liberty on this site, and click on Show Advanced Options, you can click on whichever pet modifier you need. You can also adjust the Bedrooms slide bar to 1, and Range slide bar to Within City, if you so choose. That way you can view pictures of these apartments if you'd like.

      If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to ask, good luck!

      Tammy Hawk