Do you recommend Boone Preschool?

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  • BrendaHoskin
    2+ weeks old

    Do you recommend Boone Preschool? My daughter and I just moved into the area. My apartment is just a few blocks from Boone Preschool. But I don't want to just send her there because it's close. Can anyone tell me if they are any good?

    • Duct145
      2+ weeks old

      I would absolutely recommend Boone Preschool! My son went therre two years ago and loved it. He never cried when I dropped him off and the teachers were always nice, even when my son had been a brat all say (more often than not). My son seemed to learn a lot about interacting with other kids and he learned how to write little. I don't really know how a preschool can be bad long as the teachers are nice, its not like preschool kids are really learning anything for a book. They're learning social skills which can be acquired at any daycare.