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  • kitty.weller.714
    2+ weeks old

    I am looking for an apartment in White Bear Lake in the boundaries of Lake Aires elementary school. I have bad credit because I was ill and lost my job. I have credit card debts and foreclosure; my credit was good until I lost my job in 2007. My grandson is 7 years old and lives with me. I am retired now and my income is approximately $1,850.00 per month. I would appreciate any help I can get to find an apt that will accept us.


    • Anastasia
      2+ weeks old

      Hello Kitty,

      I have made you a list of available apartments within the Lakeaires school boundaries. Unfortunately, pertaining to the credit situation, many places won't say "bad credit" or give a specific cutoff; you must give them access to your credit report. This way, though, you can at least narrow down the places you should contact.

      --3675 Highland Ave. (877)405-8511. $795/month, 2 bedrooms.
      --3908 Hoffman Road.(877)596-7196. $735/month, 2 bedrooms.
      --1880 Birch Street. (651)429-9451. $775/month, 2 bedrooms.
      --West 7th Street. (651)204-6877. $900/month, 2 bedrooms.

      Contact these four, all in your preferred school district. You can also see pictures and get more information by searching White Bear Lake, adjusting the 'Range' slide bar to within city, and adjusting the bedrooms to 2.

      This link will show you the area boundaries of each elementary school.

      If these don't work out, you can use these tools to continue searching, and feel free to submit a new inquiry, I'd be happy to continue assisting you.

      Good Luck!