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  • findmeinStP
    2+ weeks old

    Getting Around ST. P. I will be renting a new place in St. P next month as I am being transferred here. For those already entrenched in this wonderful city, how do you get around? Thx!

    • MSG_007
      2+ weeks old

      I take the metro most of the time, but bike during the summer if it is nice enough out. You can look here to get more information about the metro, bike paths, and other forms of public trans.: Some people drive cars around but it isn't really necessary. You should definitely have a car, but you will only need to drive it a couple times a week for groceries and whatnot. I also have this friend who is the CEO of a local business (don't want to disclose that information) that has a helicopter and his own helipad. Obviously you aren't going to go out and buy a helicopter, but it is awesome. Just a thought for if you win the lottery or something.