Where do residents of SAP, MN get ...

Saint Anthony Park, MN ApartmentsbreakCommunity ForumbreakWhere do residents of SAP, MN get their news?

  • welcometoSaP
    2+ weeks old

    Where do residents of SAP, MN get their news? New resident myself, just got a place over on St. Anthony West. Looking for local news, be it papers or guides, whatever. I would like to be able to talk to be neighbors about the going ons in the city without looking like a total moron.

    • news4you
      2+ weeks old

      Try channel 6, that's the news channels in most cities. Also, you can contact the city hall and see if you can become part of the paper delivery route. Most of the things people are going to be talking about are major events that are nationwide stories. For these I would suggest going to cnn.com and reading the front page every day. I read the top articles every day to keep up with news and can usually hold my own when talking with my colleagues at the office.