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  • scumlordproblems
    2+ weeks old

    Landlord neglected to disclose mold. 2 weeks here and I am already dealing with a mold issue. He apparently painted over it. Well, it's starting to show and I am allergic. After talking with him, he is denying knowing, but I am being told differently by a neighbor. Apparently, this has been an issue for the past 18 months. What sort of recourse do I have?

    • Aggy
      2+ weeks old

      Sounds like a very unfortunate situation, I'm sorry. If he's lied and denied your claims, then you have to take up an official course of action. I found a link on the state's attorney general's page that talks about this. Click on it, below, and look at the section "disclosure to the tenant," that should help! Hope you get this resolved. Here's the link: