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  • rentmyapt
    2+ weeks old

    I'm a landlord with a question. Hey everyone  one here! I would really appreciate your input. I have a one bedroom apartment that I'm having trouble renting out. The kitchen is very out dated. When renting an apartment is the kitchen important to you all? What about a washer and dryer. Thank for your input!

    • changingleaves
      2+ weeks old

      The kitchen is one of the most important aspects of an apartment, especially for anyone that does any cooking or spends any time in their apartment. If the rent is cheap enough, people should overlook the bad kitchen especially if they are looking for a deal. Also, the washer and dry is a huge deal. Going to the laundromat to do laundry is an incredible hassle and many people won't even look at apartments if they don't have any washers or dryers. You should really look at lowering your rent or finding a way to either improve the kitchen or install a washer and dryer in order to make the apartment more desirable.