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  • parksandrecguy
    2+ weeks old

    Edina Residents, Check Out this Park Finder. Was looking for parks to hang out in when I get sick of sitting around my dumpy apartment and I came across this: http://gis.logis.org/ggov/default.aspx?pagename...
    It's a park finder for the city of Edina!

    • Justice Jamison.4
      2+ weeks old

      That's pretty cool. I haven't seen any town with this type of technology, Edina is way ahead of the curve on this one. I can't believe there are 40 parks, how am I supposed to visit all of them?? Great recreational scene here, perfect for days in the summer. Even though winter can be kind of cold... the summers make up for it! Thanks for this link, spread it around to friends and fam. I'll do the same.