Where is a good place to walk my dog?

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  • 4pawscause
    2+ weeks old

    Where is a good place to walk my dog? Just moved into my new pad on 4th Street. Anyone know of a good place to walk my dog? I can also drive somewhere if there is a park or something in the area. Woof!

    • Tuckerthedog
      2+ weeks old

      I walk my dog at the Lake Rebecca Park and always see people walking their dogs around. Some people take their dog off leash, but I don't think this is legal and would not advise it--the last thing you want is for another dog to go after your dog or for someone to claim that your dog bit them, even if it didn't. You can also walk your dog around the block if you want, but I definitely prefer to walk Tucker down by the lake and let him go for a little swim during our walk. The lake is a great place to play fetch with your dog and let them go for a little swim to cool down on a hot summer day. There are plenty of trails to walk on as well which make it very easy. If you want to walk at night I would walk in a lighted neighborhood, but in general would not suggest walking around at night by yourself.