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  • harley157
    2+ weeks old

    stuck with uptight neighbors, what should i do? I rented a house a few months ago and been having trouble with one of my neighbors. He keeps complaining about me not taking care of my lawn and saying i make a lot of noise at night working on my car in my garage. My limits are starting to get pushed, should i deal with this myself or is this something my landlord needs to take care of?

    • jumbotronn
      2+ weeks old

      If it's really bothering you than you should talk to your landlord. However, if I were you I would just ignore this guy. He sounds obnoxious. Just ignore what he is saying and take care of your lawn when you want and be loud during the day and reasonable at night. If you feel that he is being unreasonable, than just keep doing what you are doing and ignore him. Sounds like a jerk and if he really thought you were being out of line with the amount of noise than he would have called the cops. He also would've called your landlord if he thought the lawn was actually unkempt. Good luck with this guy