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  • Ralph L.Howes Jr
    2+ weeks old

    My Significant Partner and I are looking to relocate to Wells from Nashua, NH. She is looking and does have opportunities in the southern ME area in nursing/administration. She needs to recertify in advanced cardiac life support and will not have monies available to do so until the 30th of this month when I receive my SS benefit. I have historical ties to ME, including growing up in Pittsfield and my parents living three seasons in Wells in a mobile home park located next to the Midway Hotel on Rte 1. We are interested in this apartment and would like to be able to move there. what do we do to possibly secure this apartment (or others in Wells as well).
    We're struggling financially for the next 3 weeks. After she begins work in Me around the second week of February she could possibly have a salary of around $800 a week. I get 1499.00 a month SS benefits so we wouldn't have a problem affording it. Once she gets her recertification at the beginning of February, employment to any one of the opportunities will occur and we will need to move to Wells immediately or within a few days of employment notification. Any help you could give us to move to Wells would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You,

    • GoldRibbonDR
      2+ weeks old

      Hi Ralph,

      I actually have been vacationing in Wells with my parents and brothers for the past 20 years! It's a beautiful area. We've been renting the same cottage right across the street from Crescent/Webhannet Beach for all these years.

      I'm not associated with the mobile home park you are inquiring about, but I believe you are referring to the Meadowledge RV Resort? These aren't apartments however, just locations to camp with RVs, so I'm not sure what you're referring to.

      As I'm sure you know, Wells is largely a tourist town that empties out in the winter months. Would you considering renting a home there, or looking into apartments not specifically in Wells?

      Let me know!